Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Full of shit.

*Warning - this post is going to cover some very yucky topics. And before my certain readers get their panties in a bunch and say I'm ungrateful and I should just be happy to be pregnant...well, that's just a load of crap. (wink wink).

I have not pooped since Oct. 2 (or even before then). I had the same constipation issues with EJ, but it seems even more severe now. I started Zofran for the nausea, but had to stop that because it can cause constipation. I have, however, purchased a PrimaBella band which seems to work really well. I've also stopped my PNV's for now until I have a bowel movement. I've been to Urgent Care and the ER and all they've done is given me strong laxatives that haven't worked yet. I've tried prunes, pepperoni pizza, apples, apple cider, Ta.co Be.ll and McDon.alds and nothing has worked. My belly is so distended I look about 5 months pregnant. I think I need to be disemboweled (is that what it's called???). Yuck.

My nausea is out of control because the food I eat has nowhere to go. It's piling up higher and higher and even comes back up half the time. My gag reflex is super-sensitive and the slightest odors make me puke. Changing EJ's diapers is a real challenge. I usually put peppermint lotion under my nose to help cover the smell of his pooh. That doesn't always work and I'm often found running to the bathroom to get sick.

I want so badly to have a nice decent bowel movement so if there is anything else I can try, please suggest it!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh girl, I am so sorry...quadruple your water intake - that is really the only consistent relief I received!

Anonymous said...

I have heard that watermelon works.

Leah said...

Metformin? Not that you can take it now. But the 7 or 8 months I was on it had me screaming towards the bathroom multiple times a day. Seriously though...OMG!! Have you tried glycerine suppositories up the pooper? What about an enema?

Kristin (kekis) said...

If you can handle them, dried apricots might do the trick. I've also heard (don't gag) of warm prune juice with 7-Up is like drain-o. Hope things clear out soon.