Thursday, October 21, 2010

7w 5d

Everything went perfectly at our weekly appt today. I was told we'll "graduate" next week so everyone keep your fingers crossed the twins still look amazing in a week. Then I'll be headed to my high risk OB.

No "movement" to speak of yet. Still passing just a little bit here and there but nothing to give much relief. My nausea is still here full force and just for shits and giggles, we've added heartburn to the mix. It's a real party in my body right now.

And I'm convinced at least one of the babies is a girl. I don't have that healthy pregnancy "glow" that I had with EJ. Old wives' tales say that a baby girl drains your beauty and by looking in the mirror I am certain that's that case.

Well, I'm off to bed. But first I have to do my Lovenox injection, take some various pills and down a tablespoon of mineral oil. Sweet dreams, ladies xoxo.


Patty said...

Been thinking of you, Sweetie. Hope everything gets better soon. Good news from your appointment. Yea!

Anonymous said...

LOL - I am sure you are glowing - it is just hard to see it under the puke and constipation...

As sick as it was, I was happy to be so sick - it meant all was well!

And have you quadrupled your H20 intake???

Also - let me know when you get the books.

Stacie said...

Hi Maria- I don't want to bother you because I know you are feeling horrible with your backup and what not. I just wanted to let you know that I did send you an e-mail to get your address to send you the Lovenox. I'm not sure if it got to you? Anyways, my e-mail is bellerino AT aol so feel free to write if you are still interested. Take care, and I am glad to read the babies are doing so great.

Dandle Dreams said...

Just checking in to see if everything is still going okay. How are you feeling?