Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ER date set

The past two weeks have just flown by. I planned on doing posts updating my stimming and the side effects. All of a sudden the past 9 days are gone and I'm going to trigger tonight for my ER on Thursday.

I have about a dozen follies in my right ovary and about half that in my left side...my leftie never did keep up with my righty. I've been pretty tired the past week (I think that's from the Lupron) and I swear I look 3 months pregnant. My belly seemed to have popped when I started the Menopur a few days ago. I'm kinda bloated too. Other than those few things, the side effects have been minimal.

This time around is a lot less intimidating than before I had EJ. I even went to bed one night and got all comfy before I realized I didn't do my night time injections. That never would have happened three years ago. My world revolved around my cycles back then. Now, my world revolves around getting enough sleep. LOL.

At 10:30 tonight (I set my alarm to be sure I didn't fall asleep or forget) I take my Novarel trigger shot. I have to be at my RE's office at 11am Thursday morning.

I have been very lucky that my Mom has been able to watch EJ for all of my appts. I would feel very awkward bringing him. There are a few signs asking not to bring children whenever possible and I'd hate to make anyone feel uncomfortable. I've been on the other end of that and it sucks to see kids where you least expect it..

My SIL did her first IUI today. She already has a daughter 3 months younger than EJ, but got PG then with only Clomid. If this works for her and my IVF works, our due dates will be two days apart. So, both sets of our kids will be the same age. I think it will be great for them to grow up together.

I guess that's it for now. I will post my ER results Thursday afternoon. And I'll let you all know if my ET will be Sunday (day3) or Tuesday (day5).

Hope you're all looking forward to Fall as much as I am :)


meinsideout said...

Maria - thinking of you - you are a rock star and I am hope, hope, hoping for you.

Patty said...

How exciting! Be thinking of you tomorrow. xo

Debbie said...

good luck, maria!!!