Friday, January 16, 2009

You ladies crack me up.

I have to laugh at the comments about renaming my blog. I wasn't expecting so many "penis" references. LOL. But to further demonstrate how obsessed Ed is with having a son (and another penis in the house), I'll share a few of the phrases that have popped out of his mouth in the past two weeks...

*I'm so glad he has a penis. (repeatedly)
*Nobody likes a dirty taint. (I wish I had a picture of the appalled look on my face)
*Did you wipe his sac nice and clean? Wipe it again to be sure.
*Atta boy!!! (As EJ farted with a sound to be heard round the world)
*How's his pecker looking today? (Daily, in reference to his healing circumcision)
*That's a manly looking pecker. (Right, very MANLY on a baby 8 days old)
*I bet it will be huge when he grows up. (Something a Mommy doesn't like to think about).

I've never seen a man so overcome with testosterone. I want a girl next. LOL.

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Katie said...

That cracked me up. He must be excited to have a boy ;)