Friday, January 30, 2009

The past 4 weeks

I just realized that I have posted barely anything since EJ was born. I wanted to keep a log of everything, but it's amazing how time flies. One day I think of what I'm going to post and then all of a sudden a week goes by and I haven't posted anything really EJ-related at all. So here it goes...

He sleeps no more than four hours at a time. It's usually three, but on a lucky day, I get fours hours out of him. I have not slept for more than 4 hours in a row since he was born. Typically, I get 1.5 hours at a time, about 4 times a day (including nights). Needless to say, I'm operating on totally minimal sleep and I don't know how I'm doing it, and being so chipper about it. He's pretty much on a schedule of eating every 3 hours and he's gaining the typical ounce a day, which we're thrilled about b/c he was so small when he was born.

And he was a bit jaundiced. With the yellow tint from the bilirubin, he looked a bit like a glow worm. I'm sure many of you ladies remember them. I was exclusively breast feeding him and since we have incompatible blood types (I'm A- and he's A+), his pediatrician said to stop BF'ing (and pump and freeze) and put him solely on formula. Well, the milk-based formulas upset his stomach so he's on soy-based formula. Does anyone know how bad that stuff smells??? It's really gross in my opinion. I want to go back to the sweeter-smelling breast milk as soon as possible. My freezer is getting stocked with bags of my milk and I've had to make room for it all by giving up space formerly reserved by popsicles and such. Oh the sacrifices us Mommies make :)

He really is a good baby. He only fusses when he's hungry. When he's awake, his big blue eyes just check out the world around him. He's starting to grab onto my fingers now which I pretend is a tiny little hug from him. I can't wait until he's big enough to wrap his arms around me and give me a huge squeeze. My heart melts just thinking about it.

Ed is fabulous with him. He loves holding him when he gets home from work and always wants to feed him. He's great changing him, although Ed gets peed on constantly. When will he learn he's got to cover EJ's little pickle when the diaper comes off? EJ has actually peed on piles of clean clothes thanks to Ed not using the "peepee teepee". LOL.

Jimmy is great with EJ. And thanks to him, we always know when EJ has a dirty diaper. The instant it happens, Jimmy is over smelling EJ's tush and we know that a diaper change is in order. Also, if EJ is in his crib sleeping and wakes up crying, Jimmy runs into the room checking to be sure everything is ok. He's so sweet. I can't wait until the two of them are running around the house chasing each other.


In other news...Ed's sister just told us she's getting a divorce. She was floored one day back in September when her husband of 14 years came to her and said he wanted out of the marriage. They have two girls, 8 and 6. He said that he wants to be alone and can't deal with a wife and kids any more. He just turned 40 in July so everyone is thinking it's a mid-life crisis. They were one of those couples that adored each other and that seemed as in love today as when they got married. My SIL had no idea this was coming and she thought they were perfectly happy. Her life is shattered. He moved out last weekend and my SIL is beside herself and has no idea what the future holds for her now. They didn't tell the family anything and have been pretending for months now that everything was normal. It's terrible she was going through this alone but I'm glad she finally opened up to her parents and siblings so she could get the needed support. She's understandably a wreck and contacted a lawyer a few days ago to find out what needs to be done. This was her first year back to work (her youngest started Kindergarten) so thankfully she can support herself and the girls. It's things like this that make me grab Ed and hug him and tell him how thankful I am to have him and how much I love him.

Well, that's it for now. EJ is waking up so I must go feed my little man :)


Lisa said...

Maria - thanks for checking in - I am so glad that things are going well. You sound so happy and at peace - I am really, really happy for you.

So sorry to hear about Ed's sister - that is horrible.

Malloryn said...

Thanks for the update! I'm glad to hear that you're all doing well. Your little man is adorable! I'm sorry about your SIL's situation -- I hope everything works out.

Katie said...

Yay for an update! Oh I want to meet EJ so I can have a tiny little hug ;) Too precious. I'm sorry to hear about Ed's sister..she will be in my prayers

Emily said...

Thanks for the update! Sounds like all is well in your household, though more sleep would be lovely, I'm sure.

I am so sorry to hear about SIL. That is awful :(

Patty Wood said...

Happy Birthday, baby EJ.

Tracy said...

I hope you get some more sleep soon. But isn't it nice to snuggle your little one when the rest of the world is asleep? I'm a big fan of naps!

Take care, Maria. Mommyhood suits you.