Monday, January 26, 2009

The Heat is On

Last Sunday my Mom stayed over to take care of EJ and give Ed and me a good night's sleep (woo-hoo!). However, around midnight she woke me up to say that my heat wasn't turning on and the temp had dropped in the house by about 5 degrees. Ed went to the basement to check it out and he couldn't get the heater to kick on. It was getting cold fast.

So we bundled up EJ and headed for a sleepover at my parents' house. And that is where we stayed ALL WEEK until the part came in for our heater. It was actually quite fun. It was great to spend all of that time with my folks and I know they loved having EJ (and us) there for an extended stay. They only live 3 miles from us so it's not like we don't see them a lot anyway, but it was especially nice to have dinner with them and just hang out at night.

But now we're back home and it's nice and toasty warm here again. We're getting in a nice routine, but EJ has decided he wants to be nocturnal for now. He loves to be awake from midnight until about 3am. We watch a lot of Friends, Scrubs, Fraiser and The Golden Girls. I'm hoping he figures out that he has his days and nights mixed up and fixes it soon. LOL.


Katie said...

Well whatever he decides to do-it won't matter with an adorable face like that! I'm glad you got some quality parental time, and I'm glad your heat is fixed :)

Nine said...

Yay for sleepover at Grandma's house, but I do hope he switches his days/nights around soon!

Does EJ stand for Ed Junior? Have you answered that question before?

Emily said...

Oh my goodness he is such a beautiful boy! I am glad you are back home, but glad you got to spend some bonding time with the fam!