Monday, December 29, 2008

Laughing out loud

I love your comments about the penis-shaped hat! So, for fear that Kristin would kidnap EJ, I promise you all I will not let him wear such a thing! Although, the "willie warmer" sounds great. LOL.

Lisa, bed rest is getting a bit boring, but it could be worse. I could be stuck in the hospital on bed rest. The worst part is having to stay on my left side. After a while, my leg gets numb and I want to roll over. Being on my back makes my bp go up, so it makes me nauseous. And being on my right just isn't the best place to be. So, I whine a little to Ed about it, but overall I'm doing ok. I am just so anxious to get EJ out here.

I have another NST today and I'll let you all know how it goes. I would love to hear the nurse say the magic word "INDUCTION"!!!


Katie said...

We were in Hazleton, Pa, so about an hr or so away. I may be driving back up there to pick up my tennis shoes. Maybe if I have EJs blanket done, I can drop it off, or have Ed meet me somewhere.

Nine said...

Happy 37 weeks!! Wow- I can't believe you're that close!! I hope the test goes well and you hear that lovely I word. I asked my OB about it today- and I'm not even on bedrest yet!!

Leah said...

Reading your blog gives me hope! I'm also on pregnancy #4 and am scared sh*tless! Can't wait for you to finally meet your little guy!

Katie said...

oh so I realized after I commented that I would be going up tot PA in a couple weeks, but you will be having a BABY in a couple weeks!