Monday, December 22, 2008

L&D, Take 5 = Bed Rest for Me

TMI Warning

I woke up Saturday morning feeling perfectly fine. I put bread in the toaster and went to the bathroom. Yikes. I was bleeding A LOT. It was bright red and very new blood. I was almost frozen with fear. I cleaned up the best I could and went to tell Ed. I could barely get the words out of my mouth...we have to go to the hospital now...bright red blood...lots of it.

I called the on-call OB to let them know we were coming and she sounded a bit alarmed by my description. As soon as we got to L&D I was hooked up for an NST, and EJ's heart sounded great. Big exhale. Then the dr. did an interal - holy hell why does that hurt so much?? Actually, it's not really "pain", it's more "pressure". But still, VERY uncomfy. She got a concerned look on her face and had the nurse squat down to see too. Nothing more pleasant than two people staring up your girlie parts with quizzical looks on their faces. She said the blood was not coming from my uterus, thank goodness, but it was from the surface of my cervix. And it was pouring out. She had giant q-tip looking things and she was soaking up the blood with like three of them at a time. She had the nurse get some magical clotting solution. It looks like gross brown mustard, but it worked in a heartbeat.

I stayed hooked up for about three more hours and EJ was doing excellent so we decided he was staying put for the time being. My blood pressure was through the roof, but my blood work came back ok, so another signal that he could stay in there for now. I've been ordered to be on bed rest until further notice. I have another NST today so my fingers are crossed he's still doing well and my blood pressure can chill out a bit. I'll have to ask at what point they decide to induce/do a c-section if my blood pressure gets too crazy. I can't imagine having high blood pressure during labor is anything desirable. LOL.

Needless to say, I'm a nervous wreck.


Newt said...

Oh my gosh, Maria! You must have been terrified, but what good news that EJ is doing fine.

I hope today goes well. Lots of good wishes coming your way. Update us when you can!

Kristin (kekis) said...

That had to be SO scary. I'm glad EJ is doing okay though. Hopefully you'll get good results with today's NST as well.

Get some rest while you can and just take care of the two of you. You get to be the Queen, EJ the Prince, and poor Ed the Servant. :)

Emily said...

Goodness! I am glad that you and EJ are ok. How scary. Please take it easy over the next few days. I will be thinking of you!

Baby and Me said...

My fingers are crossed! Get lots of rest and take it easy. That is really scary sounding but I am glad you are keeping off your feet.

Lisa said...

How terrifying - I am so sorry that you are going through that. I hope that you are able to relax -and I will be looking forward to your updates.

Justin and Natalie said...

YIKES! I'm glad you're both OK.