Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Nursery!

We spent all morning Saturday putting up this border, painting the trim and door...and I did my bubbles! They're not exactly how I wanted them to turn out, but they're not too bad. Kinda cute actually!

The pictures below are too small to see my handy work, but if you click on them they will enlarge for you to see it better.

The furniture still has a few weeks until it comes in, but the hard part is now done. I can't believe my house actually has a NURSERY in it. I have waited so long to say that :-)


Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...

I love it - so cute. Can't wait to see a baby in the room :)

Anonymous said...

Maria, I love the border and the bubbles are so cute. Enjoy it all. Can't wait to see little EJ in his very nautical room.

Ariella said...

I love the bubbles! It is so exciting to have a nursery isn't it!?! I can't wait to see more pics.

Katie said...

I love it! Your baby bump is so cute :)

Nine said...

great job!! I think the bubbles look great.

I'm always up for an online dinner date! Although T came come last night at 6:45 pm just as I finished cooking dinner!! I almost cried I was so happy. We actually ate together during the week.

Tracy said...

That's the cutest thing ever! I love your bubbles! What a great room EJ will have waiting on him.