Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Newest PG symptom

I told my Mom last week that EJ better come out and be the most perfect baby. He better sleep well, eat well, be a happy baby, etc. I just feel like it's one thing after another with this pregnancy. For all of you ladies going through IF or multiple losses, and you think you may get a break for an easy pregnancy, I am NOT the poster child for that! LOL.

Most of you know that I had months of terrible m/s, with throwing up almost every day. Brushing my teeth is still a daily chore that I gag over, and once in a while still lose my breakfast. Then I went through a few weeks of a bout of terrible insomnia. Overlapping that was awful heartburn and constipation that lasted for weeks too. I've had terrible sciatica pain for a couple of weeks left butt cheek is really sore most of the time. Then last week I got a yeast infection (oh joy!). Now that is finally gone and I have something to take its leg keeps falling asleep in bed at night. When I sleep on my left side, I wake up with my left hip and leg feeling like pins and needles. As soon as I move it goes away, but it's still annoying to be woken up by it a few times a night (as they say it's best to sleep on the left side while pregnant).

And the most bizarre of it all...when Ed asks me if I'd do it all over again for another child; without any hesitation I say, "Of course!" with a happy smile on my face. It's all worth it.


Anonymous said...

Maria, you are so funny. Thanks for my chuckle for the day. EJ is sure keeping you on your toes. All pregnancy symptoms rolled into one pregnancy. How lovely.

Nine said...

OMG, you really are getting the "full experience" here! I EJ is absolutely perfect or at least takes it easy on you for awhile when he arrives!

Nine said...

that should read "I hope EJ is absolutely perfectly behaved...."

Pregnancy brain has been MY worst symptom.