Saturday, September 13, 2008

My advice...

If I could give one bit advice to anyone who is, or plans to become, your fiber. Eat it by the truckload if you can.

Constipation blows big time.

This is my second major bout with it this pregnancy and it is worse than the first time. I feel terrible. My belly aches and I have an overwhelming sense of "fullness" in my abdomen. It's also making me extra-nauseous since the food I eat has nowhere to go. The most I have managed to expel are those little rabbit pellets and that just doesn't give much relief. I've taken stool softeners (which just make me crampy) and the next thing on my list is a laxative. I'll have to take it tonight since I don't have anywhere to go tomorrow and I'll never be far from my bathroom.

Oh joy.


Katie said...

I wish I had some advice for you but know that I will be thinking of you during this hard time... (I can't figure out how to word that without it sounding creepy)..but I hope you get to poop soon.
(that whole comment was just strange)

Newt said...

Oh, dear. I'm doing better now, but I had this same feeling during the Zofran phase, and it was awful.

I think getting off the Zofran was what really helped, but I also instituted a regimen of Burger King (or any greasy food), walking, and prunes.

Stool softeners never helped me. Did your doc OK the laxative? I think some of them can cause contractions.

Hope you feel better!

Trish said...

You poor thing..
The only thing that helped me was LOTS of apple juice.

Ariella said...

If you have trouble staying regular try prune juice. It has helped me but I agree eating your fiber is very important. I hope you are able to "go" soon.

Justin and Natalie said...

Colace helped me, but I also take benefiber like it's goin' outta style! Hope your intestines cooperate soon.