Wednesday, September 24, 2008

23w 3d appt update

Just wanted to post quickly that all was good at my peri appt this morning!! Thanks for the the support for the appt and about my Grandmom passing.

My Dad asked if I would do a reading at the funeral mass this Friday. Of course I said I'd do it, but I'm pretty certain I'll breakdown at the podium. I mean seriously, who would imagine a hormonal pregnant woman to keep her composure!?!? LOL.

Oh, and my blood pressure was back up this morning to 140/90. I guess that could be from the pregnancy, my Grandmother's passing, or even the Chinese food we had for dinner last night. I'll wait a few days and check it again at the pharmacy.


Katie said...

I'm glad your appt went well. I knew it would! I'm sure no hormonal pregnant woman would try to contain their emotions, and it is great that you are doing a reading

Baby and Me said...

I am sure your pressure is up due to you being worried and gramdma passing. That is a lot of anyone to deal with and all your extra hormons are not making it any easier. I am sure you will do a lovely reading at funeral.