Monday, February 7, 2011

We moved!

The move was a catastrophe. We were supposed to go to settlement on Friday 1/28, but didn't make it until Wed. 2/2. The week in between we spent living at my parents' house. They didn't mind one bit (they loved having EJ there) but it was so so so stressful. We lived day by day wondering when settlement would be. There was a paperwork error that delayed things and nobody could tell us how long it would take to fix. And to add insult to injury, we were all sick. I started out sick, then got EJ sick, and then we got my Mom sick. It was terrible and we were all miserable for a few days.

But now we're all moved in and unpacking boxes every day. It's totally overwhelming how much stuff we own. Most of it could probably go to Goodwill, and it just might if the babies decide to come before we're all unpacked. LOL.

The twins are doing great. Moving around more and more each day. They seem to wake up just as I'm going to bed. It's so awesome to feel them moving around. EJ is doing well with adjusting to the new house. We've quickly settled into our old routines and he's found almost all of his toys, which makes him even happier. Jimmy is still adjusting. He's had a few accidents (but that could be because we don't have a fenced yard yet and he's not outside as much as he's used to).

All in all we survived the stress of moving so now life can continue on for us. Next step is to get the twins' room ready. I'm thinking they'll share a room in the beginning. If you have twins, or know someone who does, how did you handle their sleeping arrangements?

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Dandle Dreams said...

Congratulations on the move. Sorry, can't help you with twin sleeping arrangements. We haven't even figured out what we're going to do with out singleton yet.