Monday, August 9, 2010

IVF Protocol

I just spoke with my RE nurse and she said I'll be doing a microdose Lupron protocol. I've never done it before, but from what I read the Lupron doesn't start until I'm done with the BCP's. And it's a much lower dose than the long lupron protocol. Less Lurpon is good for me...I'd love to avoid the headaches and clouded-head feeling that comes with that drug.

I've never met this nurse before and so far I'm not a fan. She was too quick and didn't explain anything to me. I'll have to call back in a day or two to talk to one of the other nurses that I like to get all of my questions answered.

In case you haven't heard...the very first IVF baby born in the US (28 years ago) just had her first baby. She had a little boy and she conceived and delivered "the normal way" as she put it. Another poster said she'd wished the woman used any other word but "normal". But I can kind of see how she'd like to say something in her life was "normal" after all the attention she's gotten in her life because of how she was conceived. Anyway, it's great to know that IVF babies can/will go on in their lives to be proud parents. I hope EJ's life is at the least "normal" but I'd rather it be "extraordinary".

EJ is doing great. He's having a great summer swimming almost daily in my parents' pool. We're eating lots of ice cream too :) He's a super picky eater. He won't try anything new. He'll eat a ton of his favorites, but I really wish he'd try more "big people" food. He can't live forever on the jarred baby stuff and grilled cheese. LOL.

I've been terrible at taking pictures ever since he started walking. It's just to hard to keep a camera close by when we're running all over the house. Here are a few I've managed to take over the past few months...


Anonymous said...

EJ looks great!

Yay for protocol, boo for rushed nurse...hoping you are one and done this time.

lisa meinsideout

Kristin (kekis) said...

Definitely call back and talk to another nurse or the RE directly. They are getting paid plenty to answer every question thoroughly, so you don't have to put up with that kind of crap. Don't make me come up there & beat on people!

I cannot believe how tall EJ is getting!!! He looks like a boy now, not a baby. I need to see him again soon. Love & miss you. Tell your mom hi for me, too!