Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hysteroscopy #2

This hysteroscopy wasn't nearly as bad as my first one. It was over in about 7 minutes. Aside from some cramping, there wasn't too much pain either. My RE said my uterus "looks like nobody has even been in there". Kind of an odd thing to say, but I get what he means...nothing residual after my last pregnancy with EJ.

CD 14 is Thursday 7/22 and it's my appt for an u/s to decide when our IUI will be. I'm back on Clomid and getting serious night sweats and mild headaches. In general I've been bummed to start this process all over again, but it got worse when we found out our insurance coverage is changing 8/1. Nothing IF related will be covered. Luckily we'll get one IUI in this month before the coverage changes. After that, it's all OOP for us. I know many are in the same sucky boat and it just blows. That makes IVF almost non-existent as a possibility for us now (not that Ed would ever want to do it again).

So, here's to hoping we get lucky on our first IUI. Seriously though, I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. LOL.


Anonymous said...

I will hold my breath for you! I am so sorry your coverage ends...that sucks. Hopefully it is a moot point.

Rachel said...

I had one of those done before and it hurt me so bad....i couldnt walk or do anything. We are still trying to concieve number one. I never would of thought it would of been this hard. I had to get the shot for ectopic today...its so depressing!!! I hope you get your bfp sooN!!

Debbie said...

good luck!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey there - I would love to hear more about the food - can you email me - I cannot find your email!