Friday, February 12, 2010

New plan of action

We have decided to wait to talk about having a second child until at least May. That will give me/us a few months to get our heads around that idea for many reasons...

Struggling to get PG again. What if an IUI doesn't work?
Deciding if I could handle suffering through another loss (God forbid!).
Do I want to put myself through the emotional stress of worrying EVERY DAY about a viable pregnancy (obviously I would rent another doppler. LOL.)
Do I want to go through the physical trials of a pregnancy (I got sick almost every day)?

I don't need a few more months. I know the answer is that I would move heaven and earth to give EJ a little brother or sister. Ok, so we'll wait until May so that Ed can get his bonus which will help pay for IF treatments. I guess the better reason would be to say that in those few months I will have to prepare myself for the struggles of IF cycles and the possible (God forbid!) fourth, fifth, etc. miscarriage.

In the meantime...we've decided to sell our house. We won't move far, just "upgrade" to a bigger/nicer home. And to get away from the complete @ssholes that live next door.

So, what's new with yall?


Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you - you are a rock star to plan for a sibling for EJ!!! I hope that your house sells quickly and you find a new home of your dreams!

Katie Cupcake said...

You could always move a little further south..ya know, like to VA

Patty said...

I agree with Katie.

Nine said...

Good luck- with the next round and the move! I wish we could upgrade too!