Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My butt is out of gear.

I need to get my butt in gear and lose a few pounds. Honestly I could lose about 40 lbs, but let's just start with a "few" for now.

What do you ladies do for exercise?

We have a treadmill in our basement collecting dust and Ed uses his Total Gym, but it looks scary to me.

Actually, I think the better question to ask is how do you ladies get going on your exercise routine? I will do a few miles on my treadmill for a few days the first week and then I lose interest and suddenly a month has passed and I haven't stepped another food on it.

I can schedule the time to do it but then the time comes and I create a dozen other things I'd rather be doing.

What keeps you motivated?


Kristin (kekis) said...

You'll know when you see me that I have absolutely no advice for you. For that matter, don't even start a routine until you've been to Texas and get home. You haven't eaten 'til you've been to Texas! Can't wait to see you, EJ & your mom. :)

Patty said...

I echo Kristen. Too much good food down here to be on a diet when you get here.
And we also have a treadmill and my biggest accomplishment is that it hasn't turned into a clothes rack in the time we have had it. LOL

Anonymous said...

Okay - I was obsessing about symptoms and I said symptom in a place where I should not have - you used the word "food" for foot - so cute!!!

I needed to lose about 20 pounds before this pregnancy. Yeah. I am going to be hurting after but it will be worth it.

I lost 50 pounds - I quit smoking and packed it on - I did the elliptical. I ate nothing but egg whites, chicken, salads and apples. It sucked but it was so worth it.