Monday, June 22, 2009

Ed's First Father's Day

Ed had a great day yesterday. It started out with me making him the breakfast he requested...chocolate chip pancakes (that was a first for him) and corned beef hash (yuck). He ate every bite. Then he opened our gifts. I got him a Life is Good mug and a wrench set. Ed believes no Father's Day is complete without someone receiving a tool of sorts. LOL. And EJ gave him a picture of the two of them in a frame that says "Daddy and Me". It was so cute to see Ed scoop up EJ and thank him for helping him celebrate his first Father's Day.

We hung out around the house for a bit and then went to my parents' house. My brother, SIL and new niece were there and I wished my brother a Happy First Father's Day too. He was all a-glow. My Dad was so happy to have us all there with him.

I don't think Ed realized how much Father's Day would mean to him until it actually happened. He loved us making a fuss over him and was palling-around with EJ all day. It was too precious.

I hope all the Dad's in your lives had a great day and I'm praying everyone's husbands are Daddy's by this day next year.


Emily said...

This post got me all teared up! Sounds like a perfect happy for you, ed & ej :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful - happy belated father's day Ed!