Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I hope I haven't lost all of your interest.

This post is going to be about boobies. And not just any boobies. My boobies. They were perfect when Ed and I met. He will tell you honestly that they are one (er, two) of the reasons that he fell in love with me. They were the perfect size for my frame. They stood at attention. They were full and gorgeous. If I was a boob-man, I would love me for them.

Then I put on the infamous weight that many of us IF'ers put on. And they got a bit larger. Ed still loved them, but I felt they were one cup size too big for me. I think they made me look heavier than I actually was and they made button-up shirts almost impossible to look nice on me.

And then I got pregnant and they nearly took over my body. They were still full and lovely, but now about TWO sizes too big for my liking.

And then I breastfed.

And they now are closer to my feet than my chin. LOL. What happened to them??? Will they stay like this forever??? They are like water balloons with all the weight at the bottom. Only, they are like "empty" if that makes any sense. As I said before, they were "full". And now to squeeze them there is nothing left inside. Where did it all go????

I want my pretty boobies back. If they don't come back on their own (with the help of diet and exercise) by the time I'm 40 (and no chance of having any more children) I'm going to take care of things Dr. 90210 style. Don't get me wrong, it was TOTALLY worth it for EJ, but man do I miss feeling pretty when I'm nekkid.


Emily said...

Sorry your pretty boobies are on hiatus. I hope they reappear soon with or without the help of dr 90210! I am sure Ed still loves 'em though!

Thanks for the info on the onesie!

Newt said...

Ah, good to know. The things we sacrifice for these kids, huh?

Anonymous said...

I wish it was implantation! I have a full on period with cramps and lots of bleeding -I am so screwed up!

As for the girls, mine were always big - a C cup in college and a D cup now and possibly shooting into DD land. If I ever get and stay pregnant, I will certainly be opting for some surgical intervention afterwards!

Nine said...

I just noticed yesterday that my left one is TOTALLY smaller now than my right one, which is my more dominant BF boob anyway. WTF? I too see dr. 90210 in my future too. Hang in there :)