Saturday, November 1, 2008


My MIL called me Thursday night to say that my glider/ottoman arrived and she and my FIL would bring them over Friday night. YEAH! I was so excited. It was the last of the furniture that had to go into the nursery. Once we got the big pieces situated, I could figure out where to hang the pictures and stuff. So they came over last night around 6 pm and guess what. WRONG CHAIR. Figures, right?

I was so disappointed b/c I waited 6 weeks for it to arrive and I know I'll have to wait at least as long for its replacement. Ed and I went to BRU this morning to find out what we needed to do. It's a big chair that won't fit in the back of my car so I wanted to get exactly what we needed to do before we borrowed my Mom's car and lugged the thing all the way to the store. We're going to take it back tomorrow morning to return it and reorder the correct one. So, more waiting. And we all know how I feel about waiting. LOL.

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Nine said...

That's annoying when that happens! I too hate waiting, so I feel for you. Hopefully it won't take six weeks for the correct chair to come in- maybe they just tell you that so when it comes in sooner, they look like rock stars?

Also, when did you hit 29 weeks? EEK! When did I hit 25? Time is flying!