Sunday, March 7, 2010

OPK's here I come

Ed and were sitting on the floor tonight playing with EJ and watching some TV. OUT OF THE CLEAR BLUE he starts this conversation:

Him: So, do you know when you'll be ovulating this month?
Me: (baffled) Not really, I'm trying not to pay attention to the dates in my cycles so I don't get overly obsessed about things since we're not TTC yet.
Him: Oh, well, why don't you pay attention this month?
Me: You mean like with OPK's and that kind of stuff??
Him: Yes.

I'm sure you can imagine that immediately my stomach flip-flopped at the thought of this, but once it settled I was overcome with excitement. Although, as I sit here alone in the dark I'm convincing myself that it's totally pointless and a waste of money. That I know in my head we'd need to do IVF (or at LEAST do a few IUI's) for us to get PG again. But for some reason my old hopeful ways are pushing through and I'm thinking wouldn't it be great if we could be one of those lucky couples who needed to go through hell to have their first child but then went on to get KTFU all on their own for the second (third, fourth) child???

And just as a little extra news fodder, I just learned this weekend that my Dad's cousin tried for six years to get pregnant. Then all of a sudden it worked and they went on to have four children in seven years. That is one trait I'd like to see run in our family. LOL.


Anonymous said...

Yay!! That is so exciting! Best of luck to you!!!

Debbie said...

that is AWESOME news!! sending lots of wishes that this time around it's much smoother! :)