Friday, October 2, 2009

9 months

EJ turned 9 months old yesterday :) I can't believe how quickly time is going by. He's growing a ton and his personality is really coming through more every day. He's got such a sense of humor and he just loves to be tickled. When we stop he looks at us like, "hey, keep going!"

His four front teeth are here and the next two top ones are poking through now. We've started him on "finger foods" but he hasn't had any interest in them yet. So for now I'll just keep putting them in front of him and one day they'll venture into his mouth.

Unfortunately EJ had his first cold and fever last week. He was such a sad-sack. His nose was so stuffy and runny and he just wanted to be cuddled. It only lasted two days but it took him another day or two to get back to his normal playful self.

I'm loving all the time I get to spend with EJ but it is certainly making him a mama's boy. Ed was the same with his mom so I was warned by my MIL to expect it. He's fine playing with anyone else as long as he can't see me. But as soon as he does he shouts "MMMMAAAA!!!!" and put his arms out for me to take him. We're trying to phase him out of that (with no luck), but quite a few moms have told me he may do that for a few years. I do have to admit that I secretly LOVE that I'm his favorite person :)

Well, it's time to scarf down some lunch before he wakes up and it's playtime again!

Here's a few pictures from last month...


Leah said...

He keeps on getting cuter and cuter! Just adorable!!

meinsideout said...

He is so damn cute.