Friday, March 13, 2009


EJ is having his very first sleepover without Mommy tonight. My parents are going to have him overnight to give me and Ed a chance to go out to dinner alone and SLEEP tonight! I'm also looking forward to going out to breakfast in the morning :) I know I will really miss my little guy, but I also know how excited my Mom is to have him all night.

So of course Ed and I were planning a very romantic evening. And of course I got my period last night. I mean come on! We haven't had any time alone in 10 weeks, and before that I was on bed rest and I've been on pelvic rest since the pregnancy started. And now the bitch rears her ugly head!!! Effing slut. (LOL.) Well, at least I'll be able to drink a whole bottle of wine tonight if I feel like it ;)

Other than that, EJ is doing great. We're planning his Christening for April 19th. I'm not really into the silky white outfits babies usually wear, so I found a really cute white cotton outfit at BRU. My SIL put her son in a flowing white gown that reached the floor and I see her eyes roll every time I mention my "plain and simple" outfit. Whatever.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

And I hope you have a great evening.:)

Lisa said...

That sucks!! I hope you have a great time!!!

So glad to hear EJ is doing well.

Thanks again for your support, I really, really appreciate it!

Emily said...

I think you should put a towel down and go for it!!! LOL!!!
Have a wonderful evening either way!

Kristin (kekis) said...

Slumber party for EJ! I bet if you drink that whole bottle of wine, you won't care about AF being in town or not (nor will Ed!). :)